why barre?

Dancers do eat. It’s just that what we eat really matters because it fuels and helps shape our bodies, the instruments of our art form.  The rigors of my profession have naturally required me to learn about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Indeed, without my knowledge of nutrition and healthy, balanced eating—learned over the course of my career—I would not currently enjoy the fortunate life of a professional classical ballet dancer.

Over my twelve years as a professional artist and athlete I have learned what works best to fuel my body for peak performance both in rehearsal and on stage.  Like many professional athletes, I often ate energy bars purchased from a local store for a quick snack or pick-me-up during long hours of rehearsal.  After trying countless brands I discovered none of them really gave me exactly what I needed.  And while I loved the convenience of bars, I actually stopped eating most of them as I became increasingly health-conscious due to the lack of “real food” listed in the ingredients—my body is my tool, and it suddenly seemed illogical to fuel it with unpronounceable garbage and weird ingredients I couldn’t recognize!

Eating for Spring + Spring Recipes
April 24, 2015

Barre Guest Blogger: Stephanie Burg
Spring is the season for regrowth and renewal, when heat and energy rise from the Earth and gradually build into the steamy temperatures of summer. Animals begin emerging from hibernation-- stirring and reawakening after the cold of winter—and there is a distinct shift in energy within our bodies as we transition [...]