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Alexandra Kochis, Principal Dancer Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

“I don’t like eating processed foods with a lot of ingredients that I don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. With Barre I know exactly what it is I’m eating and have confidence that it’s healthy, tastes great, and gives me the energy I need when I need it”.

Alexandra Kochis, Principal Dancer
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Kristen Rusnak, Barre3 Instructor

“As a former dancer and current exercise instructor, I’m drawn to Barre for it’s delicious taste and lasting energy. It’s perfect portions keep me going and it’s a great and easy snack on the go. I highly recommend Barre as a way to refuel after a great workout or as a quick snack during the day,”

Kristen Rusnak, Barre3 Instructor

Patricia Hachey, Dancer Complexions Contemporary Ballet

I’m a vegetarian and dancer with a touring company.  It’s often difficult to fuel myself properly while on the road.  The natural, whole foods that I want to eat aren’t always accessible.  That’s why Barre is a wonderful snack to keep in my dance bag.  It’s all natural, high in protein and fiber, and most importantly delicious!  So, when the presenter offers chicken and rice as the catering option, I politely decline while reaching into my bag for Barre.”

Patricia Hachey, Dancer
Complexions Contemporary Ballet

“I finally had an opportunity to buy two.  WOW!  I’ve had 20+ years of trying different energy bars and have been dissatisfied about 99.99% of the time.  The only bar I could stomach was, without naming names, the original energy bar (which has the benefit of being indestructible in a workout bag.  Ha!).  Yet yours beats it to smitherines.  It’s the best energy bar I’ve had, bar none.  My hubby tried the second one (even though I was reluctant to give it away) and he concurred that it’s pretty darn fantastic.”

Donna Soave Weber, active mother of two.

"Boston Marathon 2012 was one of the toughest races of my life. Hoping for a Personal Best result, in a manner of a few miles, I quickly realized that due to the 85F heat it was going to be a battle of just finishing. Luckily, I had a secret weapon under my belt. Being devoted about running requires some energy dense wholesome food, especially during the harshest of weather conditions. The Barre™ snack has been my top choice for pre- and post-race extra kick. Especially useful while trying to stay healthy on the road. Boston 2012 finished in 3h:29min"

Kalin Vasilev, ultramanathoner and nutritional expert

Athea Davis, Certified Yoga Instructor and Owner of Yoga Sense Houston

"I tried the real food barre through my trial package subscription to Vegan Presence and loved the taste and quality.   I immediately went on-line and ordered a box.  It's the perfect energy bar that fits my eco-veggie diet lifestyle, with all natural vegan ingredients that gives me just the energy I need between teaching my yoga classes,  for an afternoon healthy pick-me up, and the energy boost I need before a run.  I love the quality, the taste, and the fact I can count the ingredients on my fingers.  Thank you for bringing your passion and quality into the world."

Athea Davis, Certified Yoga Instructor and Owner of Yoga Sense Houston

Sustenance for the Summer
July 15, 2014

Hi Barre Lovers!
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