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As professional dancers, nothing’s more important to us than nutrition. But just reading the labels on most energy bars is enough to throw us off balance!
So we traded our leotards for aprons and whipped up something of our own: a real food bar, made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients–stuff you can actually pronounce!  Barre helps us maintain the peak level of performance necessary for ballet’s unique marriage of artistry and athleticism. And now it’s time for us to raise the curtain and share our creation with you!


In February of 2010, I went to my kitchen and drew upon my years of food knowledge (and a foodie penchant that compelled me to cook up something sublimely yummy) to create a healthy snack perfectly suited to my job. Using only simple ingredients found in my cupboard, I came up with the first version of what eventually became Barre. Back at the studio my friends and colleagues tasted my new creation and eagerly inquired as to where they could get their hands on some. It was my light bulb moment—I needed to share this!


Ballet is an exacting science and demands incredible attention to detail—it is not only an elite-level sport but also a highly refined art. An appropriate energy source for such an activity requires no less attention to detail. When I set out to create Barre I did so to address my exacting needs as a dancer: it had to fuel me without weighing me down, it had to be sustaining yet easy to digest with the proper mix of nutrients, it had to contain only the finest all-natural whole foods, and, of course, it had to taste sublime. Basically, it had to be just right.


I talked with best friend, coworker, and partner, Aaron, about going into business and, being somewhat of an energy bar connoisseur himself, he was all in. A short time later Barre was born. Aaron and I began making large batches of Barre in our kitchen and sold them to the students attending the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School summer course in mid-2010.  With the success of this venture we decided, why not go bigger? Finally an energy bar for ballet dancers and others who demand the same rigorous attention to detail that we do, created by the people who know best–other ballet dancers.


Now Aaron and I are making Barre using the same principles that I used when originally making it for myself. We use simple ingredients that everyone can pronounce, in their purest and most unadulterated form. That’s why we call it a real food bar.  It’s real food for real world athletes and people like you, to provide real energy for your performance.

Julia and Aaron

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