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Is Barre just for dancers? If I’m not a dancer, why should I eat Barre?

Anyone seeking balance in today’s hectic world can attest to the difficulty of staying healthy while running around living life to the fullest. Barre helps you do that by delivering wholesome nutrition in a delicious, convenient package! Dancers work for years perfecting that balance of strength and sleekness, but there’s no reason we should keep our tricks of the trade under wraps. This is why we’re sharing our recipe with you...a little peek backstage, if you will.

What makes Barre different from all the other energy bars out there?

Barre is not an energy bar—it is a real food bar. We designed it to contain the perfect balance of nutrients so that you can perform your best. And we did so holding true to a few important mandates: great taste, wholesome clean nutrition and convenience.
We see culinary experimentation as another art form, and we feel eating should be an enjoyable experience. What we’re so excited about is that we’ve found a way to pack whole, real foods into a convenient form that tastes great. We’re setting out to prove that taste and nutrition are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they’re conveniently smooshed together within our wrapper! We also feel strongly about food politics and advocate for a diet of whole foods as close to their original form as possible. This helps maximize nutritional absorption, minimize fossil fuel use, and fight the obesity epidemic.

Where can I buy Barre?

Barre is available online at and at retail outlets nationwide. Visit our store locator to find your closest retailer. If you can’t find Barre near you, download the Barre Request Form and give it to your favorite fitness studio or store.

What are you doing to give back to the community?

We feel art is super important in today’s world. This is why we wanted to help both the dance community and society as a whole by increasing access to and awareness of the arts. Funding for the arts is dwindling at the very time when exposure to the arts is more important than ever. Barre is proud to affect change by giving back to arts education programs.

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